Doenjang (soy bean paste), a traditional Korean food that is fermented from soybeans, has been a fixture of the Korean diet for centuries. Recently, it has received great attention from western medicine for its nutritional and medical value.

Best Korean Restaurant in Edinburgh

I think a lot of people would agree with me that’s the Kim’s Mini Meals! Owned by the Kim’s family, this small and nicely decorated Korean restaurant offers a decent range of authentic Korean food.

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Kim's Mini Meals Korean Resturaunt, Buccleuch street, Edinburgh. Pic Ian Rutherford

                  (Kim's Mini Meals Korean Resturaunt, Buccleuch street, Edinburgh. Pic Ian Rutherford)

LACY curtains, photographs of Korean food, a ceramic clog and chintzy bone china crockery.

Been to Kim’s Mini Meals? Then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t, then prepare to enter a BYOB eatery that describes itself as “elegant and comfy, just like home”. That’s accurate, if your residence features a decor that could be described as Barbara Cartland meets couthy tea room via a Red Cross shop.

It’s eccentric, but very loveable.

I took a seat, which was made of green velour and studded with sparkly glass buttons.

The eponymous owners, the Kims (for this is a proper family business), were all visible – mum in and out of the kitchen, and father and son front of house.

“Do you like classical music?” Dad asked, when Beethoven came on the stereo. I nodded obediently, as two gratis bowls of mushroom soup landed on the table, for me and my dining partner Mercy. Standard, as funghi broths go.

However, the kimbap (£5) which came next, was great. There were 11 of these laver-wrapped parcels of nutty and glutinous black rice, the latter of which was an inky purple shade and dotted with sesame seeds.

In the centre of each generous whorl – like a cross-section of a mineral – was some neatly-packed crab stick, a sliver of pastel-coloured omelette, folded ham, grated carrot and kimchi.

Our other starter – the gamja jeon (£7), served on a flowery Portmerion plate, was, essentially, a springy omelette, containing grated potato, flecks of shiitake mushroom, struts of spring onion and just a little nip of chilli.

On the side was a sweetened soy sauce for dipping. A homely offering.

To be honest, these options would be enough for a decent lunch, but we wanted a proper tour of the menu.

Mr Kim, aka Dad, came over to help us with our main courses.

Mercy’s vibrant-looking dolsot bibimbap (£7) was hissing away in its hot stone bowl, with ingredients including grated carrot, kimchi, courgette strips, sliced mushrooms, mince, white rice, a large blob of gochujang (spicy red pepper sauce) and a raw egg. Pops grabbed the chopsticks and stirred the lot, until the latter was crisp and everything was cross-pollinated to perfection.

My dining partner, who has a Korean sister-in-law and, thus, is experienced in the ways of the traditional bibimbap, liked this dish 110 per cent (as they say on Britain’s Got Talent).

“Where is your spoon?” said Mr Kim, before demonstrating how I should tackle my pork bulgogi (£7). First, a shred of lettuce, then a layer of a yoghurty pineapple purée, then a piece of thinly sliced pork, which was clad in a spicy gochujang sauce, with chopped veg and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. On the top of this spoonful – a clod of the violet rice.

Down the hatch (he didn’t, thankfully, stay to make sure I ate all my dinner). Lovely: hot and sweet, spicy and nutty, proper soul food. These dishes were washed down with some electrifyingly sugary Korean juice - one glass of crushed pear (£1.50) and a medicinal-tasting cinnamon drink (£1.50).

We didn’t really need pudding, but we thought we’d give it a whirl.

At lunchtime, we were told that there was a choice of “coffee or custard cake”. We ordered one of each, and both of us received the same vaguely coffee-ish hostess cake, with a cream filling. Considering they only charged us £1.50 each, mustn’t grumble.

Anyway, this place is all about the savouries and spices. On the website, they, rather humbly, describe themselves as “one of the best Korean restaurants in Edinburgh”. Considering there are only about three in the entire country, I think they could consider themselves one of the best in Scotland. If not (taking the prices and generous portions into consideration) THE very best.

After all, this is a gem of a place, with lots of personality, which is probably why it was heaving on our weekday lunchtime visit.

Because of this, they don’t take reservations, so be prepared to turn up and try your luck.

It’s worth it, Mr Kim and his ceramic clog will be waiting for you.(Written by Gaby soutar)

Kim’s Mini Meals

5 Buccleuch Street,

Edinburgh (0131-629 7951,

Tonight ten of the Total Food Geeks (and one honorary member and fellow foodie, Alaster)  delivered into the wonder-filled world of Kim's korean restaurant, Edinburgh Old Town, for our January themed Good Things in Small Packages' dinner.

We’re sure that there will be lots more discussion surrounding this wonderful restaurant both on and off the TFGE site, but for now, on behalf of the whole TFGE group, we wanted to say our most sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Kim and their team for a truly perfect evening. Your strapline “Elegant and Comfy, Just Like Home” is just a hint at the precious experience in store for those that visit you.


We left the night buzzing and wanting to spread the word, so as a teaser of what’s yet to come, we’ve included the review that we put on their site (as soon as we got home of course!) below…


“We visited Kim’s Mini Meals as a group of eleven food lovers, and since our group began we have never felt so warmly welcomed and utterly delighted by a restaurant. The food was perfect; filling, delicious and delicate. Our hosts were insightful, charming and full of character. In short, a memorable night where stories were told, tastes were savoured and repeat visits were guaranteed.”

Thank you Kim’s Mini Meals!

Traditional Kimchi is a spicy, fermented condiment.

This staple Korean food is made from cabbage, garlic, salt and other seasonings and vinegar and  fermented for 3-4 months.

The long fermentation allows the probiotics to  grow and multiply, and the nutrients in the vegetables to be “pre-digested”  and made more bio-available.

There are 187 historic and current varieties  of kimchi.

Kimchi is Korea’s best known food, the pride of Korea – a cultural icon and  national treasure. It is served at almost every meal.

The average  consumption of kimchi is around 40 kilos per person per year.

Recognized as one of the world’s healthiest foods, kimchi is loaded with  key vitamins, kimchi contains healthy bacteria that aid digestion, plus it  is low calorie and high fibre.

It is more than just a spicy food. It is renowned for its restorative and  rejuvenation properties and it scientifically proven to eliminate  unfriendly bacteria and boost immunity.

In 2003 an outbreak of what became known as SARS occurred in Asia, while  other countries were badly affected, Korea was virtually untouched.

Also,  the Korean chickens infected with the H5N1 (avian flu) virus, recovered  after eating food which contained the same good bacteria found in kimchi.

Subsequent studies (on 200 chickens) by Korea Food Research Institute  supported the theory that it enhanced immunity.

In fact several studies have shown that kimchi probiotics protect against  even the worst viruses and bacteria.

The “good” bacteria in kimchi produce  bacteriocins – which are harmless to the body and the rest of your “good” bacteria, but are toxic to the “bad” bacteria.

Kimchi also enhances the  body’s immune defences with its effects on the body’s immune system – the  Peyer’s patches

(or aggregated lymphoid nodules which form a part of the  body’s immune system) – inside your gut.

Enhancing your immune system is crucial to your well being. The single  biggest risk factor for deadly infection or disease is a weakened immune  system.

Research (Kor J. Microbiol, Biotechnol (2008) 36(2), 106-114) also shows  that kimchi probiotics fights ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Further, kimchi produces beneficial SCFA’s (short chain fatty acids) which  are reported to inhibit the development of invasive colon cancers.

This is  supported by numerous clinical findings, including some published in the  Journal of Nutrition (2001: 131:3041S-3046S, and 2002: 132, 1012-1017).

Kimchi is so highly regarded in Korea that price increases in 2010, which  followed poor weather conditions for harvesting the cabbage, were  considered a national tragedy.

However, you don’t have to worry about  eating 40 kilos of kimchi each year or the price!

The easy way to benefit from the goodness of kimchi is to consume easy to  take concentrated kimchi extract.

Oriyen concentrated kimchi extract  contains both the friendly bacteria and the health boosting fermented  kimchi,

providing the positive synergistic effects for killing “bad”  bacteria and enhancing immunity. 

It’s more than just probiotics!

Oriyen Korean Kimchi Concentrate Powder combines the goodness of natural  nutrients in fermented kimchi with the health-promoting benefits of kimchi  probiotics.

Probiotics like kimchi help support weight management…promote a healthy  gut…maintain vim and vigor…and aid in the reduction of yeast growth.

What are probiotics – and why do you need them?

As defined by word-renowned experts, probiotics are “live organisms which,  when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host  organism.”

This healthy bacteria helps support and maintain the necessary  balance with unhealthy bacteria in the intestines.

Probiotics are consumed in fermented foods or dietary supplements with  active live cultures.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidobacteria are the  most common microbes used in probiotics.

When you take antibiotics, you’re killing the “good” bacteria along with  the “bad”.

The human body needs billions of probiotic bacteria to function  effectively, and ideally we have large stores of them.

However, due to poor  diet, lifestyles, and overuse of medications, these “friendly” bacteria are  destroyed. Replenishing probiotics is essential to:

  • Restore the healthy flora in your gut…
  • Produce B vitamins your body needs…
  • Kill or inhibit yeast growth…
  • Offset the negative effects of antibiotics…

Oriyen Korean Kimchi Concentrated Powder gives you the nutritional  equivalent of over FOUR POUNDS of fermented kimchi – all in a single  sachet.

That’s a powerful little pack of nutrition!

One serving = the goodness of over 4Ibs of fermented kimchi.  Plus, it’s so quick and easy. No refrigeration is needed for this handy sachet.

Just pour it into your mouth. No muss, no fuss. 

Patented “Triple Coating” to protect the live Kimchi probiotics from harsh actions of stomach acid and bile salt,

allowing them a safe passage to the  large intestines to exert their benefits…

Patented processing method to isolate viable Kimchi probiotics and Kimchi  nutrients…

(Formulated by Dr Yong-Hyun, Jung Co-work with Soon Chun Hyang University, South Korea (2009-2010) Prof Dong-Hyun Kim, respected kimchi researcher. Kyung Hee University,  South Korea)


We take care, not only of the content, but the container. 

The plates we use for the meals are famous bone china, from Royal Doulton to Wedge Wood and others.

(Villeroy & Boch, Potmerion...)

We believe that the presentation of the food is as important as the taste in your experience at Kim's Mini Meals. case you haven't heard, here's what's happening at Kim's Mini Meals these days..
After a bit of a wait, we now happily offer and serve 'Dol Sot Bibimbap' ! For those of you not familiar with the term, it means stone bowl Bibimbap, or in other words- loads of veggie goodness, rice and spicy sauce (and mince for those who can't resist the beef!), sizzling in a stone bowl brought to you directly from Korea (the bowl, that is!) ;) Having doubts about it? Come and see/try for yourself! The crispy rice at the bottom of the bowl will have you asking for more...or perhaps that would be the gochujang (spicy red pepper paste).
At any rate, the chef is happily buzzing around the kitchen with loads of ways to delight the hungry peeps out there!

In other news- you never know who will come around, so if you've stopped by at lunchtime or dinner, and we've not been able to get you a seat, our apologies! We do try our best to make sure everyone leaves happy and full! To make sure that you don't get turned down, you can always give us a call and reserve a table for lunch or dinner! We'd be more than happy to save you a spot if you let us know ahead of time!

That's all for now, folks! Stay warm and keep it real! x

Byung-Sun Lee and his friend Hak-Woon Kim have been working tirelessly to promote Jasmine Gwangju. Kim is not a student. He is a missionary and entrepreneur. Before arriving in Scotland, ten years ago, he was in France and Bulgaria. In Edinburgh, he was horrified that Korean tourists, if they came to Scotland at all, arrived on the overnight bus from London, went round the castle and the Royal Mile, then left. His travel company now brings 3,000 Koreans a year to Scotland. "Most of them," he says proudly, "stay for three days."

Kim and his wife also run Kim's Mini Meals, on Buccleuch Street. Like Jasmine Gwangju, the restaurant is another way of helping Korea to catch up with better-known Asian cultures. "We want to introduce Korean food. Here it's like mother's cooking, we don't use MSG, it's like the food a family makes for children. Or guests, or VIPs." In fact, there are three Korean restaurants in Edinburgh, one in Aberdeen and one in Glasgow. The specialist ingredients, oils and tongue-blistering chilli sauces are now easily available in Chinese supermarkets.


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: Dinner times (5.30pm-9pm, last order 8.15pm).

Sunday: Closed



Benefits of Doenjang

Doenjang (soy bean paste), a traditional Korean food that is fermented from soybeans, has been a fixture of the Korean diet for centuries. Recently, it has received great attention from western medicine for its nutritional and medical value.

Best Korean Restaurant in Edinburgh

Best Korean Restaurant in Edinburgh

I think a lot of people would agree with me that’s the Kim’s Mini Meals! Owned by the Kim’s family, this small and nicely decorated Korean restaurant offers a decent range of authentic Korean food.


Address: 5 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JN
Tel: +44 (0)131 629 7951

Mobile: +44 (0)7984005601