Aberdeen Angus Beef comes from Angus Cattle originally bred in Scotland and is famous worldwide.

Aberdeen Angus Cattle are now bred in other parts of the world but from original Scottish stock.

They are polled cattle (hornless) and can be red or black; sometimes with white udder,

and are separately bred in the USA as Black Angus or Red Angus,

with Black being the most popular breed over there.

Original, home-grown Aberdeen Angus steak is still considered to be the best

however and can be dated back to the 18th century

when a man called Hugh Watson is credited with founding the breed,

rom a selection of the hornless cattle which were known in those days as Angus Doddies.

He chose the best of these black polled cattle for his initial herd, along with his star bull;

known as Old Jock. Coupled with his favourite cow, called Old Granny,

the pair were responsible for producing many stock lines which still continue today.

The pure bred lines of Aberdeen Angus cattle, whether in their natural Scotland or overseas from exported stock,

ensure top-quality beef for the most delicious steaks possible.

Naturally grass fed; their diet is supplemented in bad weather by vegetables and hay,

to ensure an all natural diet which adds to the nutritional value and flavour of the meat.

The marbled appearance of an Aberdeen Angus steak ensures that the meat will remain juicy

and tender when cooked and the fat content and calorie content will be lower than in other meats.


Lean beef is known as an excellent source of protein

and among the best examples of this is Aberdeen Angus steak

Fillet, Sirloin, Rib Eye, Rump, T-Bone, Porterhouse;

any Aberdeen Angus Steak variation is an excellent choice, well worth paying a little extra for,

to know that the result is going to be a tasty, juicy, top quality steak.

If a joint of beef for roasting is required; Topside, Silverside, or Prime Rib are all great choices,

while Brisket, Chine or Chuck will be ideal for pie fillings, casseroles, soups and stews.

Whatever the choice of recipe, there is no doubt that Aberdeen Angus Steak

and Beef will provide the most succulent, delicious and nutritious meat possible.


Scottish beef in general can nowadays rival even the best Argentinian beef

and Aberdeen Angus is by far the cream of the crop.


The words Aberdeen Angus Beef have become synonymous the world over with Top Quality Beef.


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Best Korean Restaurant in Edinburgh

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